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Chevrolet released the first Chevrolet Traverse in 2009 and the vehicle quickly became a mainstay in the automaker's lineup of sport utility vehicles as a popular crossover. The vehicles main selling points are the number of passengers it can hold and the amount of cargo space available, making it a good choice for large families. The Chevrolet Traverse is one of Chevrolet's larger crossover sport utility vehicles and offers consumers a long list of positive aspects that make it a good choice for purchase.


  1. The Chevrolet Traverse offers a large amount of passenger space for large families or groups. The Traverse sits eight people quite comfortably and is a great choice for large families. The options for seating include a two bench option for the middle and back seats as well as an option for buckets in the middle seats. The two bench configuration seats eight and the bucket configuration seats seven.

  2. The Traverse has a 3.6 liter V6 engine that has the power to make driving a vehicle this large comfortable. The 288 horsepower make shifting and passing responsive in all driving situations, but especially highway driving.

  3. The car-like body platform of the Traverse allows for a good turning radius for a vehicle of this size. Navigating drive-thru windows and tight parking lot spaces are considerably easier than would appear for a vehicle of this size.

  4. The interior of the Traverse is spacious and the use of soft materials in the construction give it a more upscale feel. The interior and controls are designed for easy accessibility and use.

  5. Standard safety equipment includes a reversing camera and On-Star services. Optional safety features include rear parking assist sensors, forward collision alert and lane departure warning system on select models.

  6. The Traverse receives good safety ratings from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS gives the Traverse its highest ranking of good and the NHTSA gives the Traverse 4 stars on rollovers and 5 stars on all other safety measures.

  7. While the Traverse is not built for an off road experiene, the ride on less than optimum roads is comfortable and the vehicle handles well.

  8. For a vehicle of its weight and size the Traverse does well in the fuel efficiency department at 17 mph in the city and 24 mph on the highway. It compares positively against other large vehicles such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban.

  9. The Traverse has plenty of cargo space. With all three seats installed it still maintains a 24 sq. ft. cargo area. With middle and back seats removed, this jumps to 116 cubic feet of space and compares with the cargo load of the Chevrolet Tahoe.
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