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Preventive car maintenance goes a long way in keeping your car in good shape, especially with winter on the way. October is Fall Car Care Month and auto experts advise car owners to perform basic vehicle maintenance this month to prepare your car for winter.

Check Engine Oil

Car manufacturers advise car owners to check the engine oil level regularly. This is important because it prevents excessive wear and tear on the engine. In the absence of adequate lubrication, there is more friction between moving parts of the engine. By maintaining the proper oil level, you can prevent this. Also, make sure the engine offers the best combination of performance and fuel efficiency.

Inspect Filters

Filters protect the engine and other components from dirt and debris. There are various types of filters like the air filter and oil filter. Over time, the air filter can get clogged, and the efficiency of the related component is affected. Before winter arrives, check all filters. If they are heavily clogged, get them replaced.

Examine the Windshield Wipers

During winter, visibility is low, which is further reduced by moisture and snow. You need good wipers to clear the snow and moisture from your windshield and get a clear view. Wiper blades have a limited life of six months to one year. Check the wiper blades and if you see cracks or signs of damage, get new wipers during fall car care.

Check Lighting

The headlights of the car not only help you see well in the dark, but it also helps others to see your car, thereby reducing the probability of accidents. Check all lights including headlights, turn indicators, brake lights and other exterior lights. Also, check the lights inside the cabin. Replace any burned-out bulbs.

Check Tires

You need to maintain the right air pressure in all tires. As the temperature falls, the air pressure inside the tire also gets reduced. With every 10° drop in temperature, the air pressure in tires is reduced by 1 PSI. Maintaining the right air pressure increases fuel efficiency and also reduces uneven wear and tear of tires.

Check the Coolant Level

During the winter season, it’s important to make sure your car has the right amount of coolant. Coolant keeps your engine cool in the summer and prevents it from freezing in the winter!

Inspect Brakes

During winter, the roads are wet and slippery, and you will need to use brakes often to control your car. Check the brakes this Fall Car Care Month. Some of the brake components that need your attention are brake pads, rotors and drums, all of which are prone to wear and tear. Replace any excessively worn out or damaged parts of the brake assembly.

You can perform basic car maintenance by yourself or take your car to the nearest auto shop. Whatever the case, don’t ignore fall car care. Otherwise, you might get stuck on the road in your vehicle during winter.

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