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Few things are worse than buying an unreliable vehicle, as they’re expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. Fortunately, some SUVs have well above average reliability. For an SUV that won’t leave you stranded or damage your bank account, check out these reliable rides.



Subaru Forester

One of the very first crossovers on the market, the Forester earned a stellar reputation for durability. That still holds true on even the newest models because Subaru sticks to the same flat-four cylinder engine and all-wheel-drive combination that works so well. While the Forester is a compact crossover, it was designed like an SUV first with real ground clearance. 



Chevy Equinox

Surprise! The Equinox is Car and Driver‘s number one midsize choice, due to a mix of data from JD Power and Consumer Reports, as well as their own successful long-term road tests. Chevy’s mid-size crossover does look good, and the interior is attractive and logically laid out. Comfort is high on the list of reviewer’s pluses, and the seats are especially comfortable, with a great view of the road. 

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