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These days, vehicles are filled with comforting features, ranging from surround sound systems and automatic braking to seat heaters designed to keep you warm on a chilly day. Although many people wonder how often they will use their seat heaters, these devices are more useful than most people suspect. Here are three benefits of heated car seats and why you should speak with your trim team about adding them to your car.

1.    It isn’t always comfortable to climb behind the wheel of a car on a cold day, snowy day, or rainy day especially if you have to park in an unheated area/ walk across a cold parking lot.

2.    Alleviate Chronic Pain If you struggle with chronic lower back pain or sciatica, heated seats may also help you to soothe your symptoms as you drive. Since seat warmers gently warm the upholstery, you can enjoy a quick, effective, non-medicinal pain relief method during your commute.

3.    Boost the Value of Your Car Seat warmers are also an upgrade, which can help you boost the value of your vehicle. Additionally, since they can be added after the fact, you can use them to make your car more attractive if you are thinking about selling your vehicle.

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