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Buying your next ride can be a thrilling experience. However, to ensure that you’ve made the right choice, your test-drive will play an important role. In order to best acquaint yourself with this large investment and daily companion on the road, we bring you some easy ways to make the most of your test-drive.



1. Do Your Homework

Before you head to the dealership, make sure you have done your research. You should know what models you’re interested in and also what options are available on the market. Another tip is to drive potential cars on the same day so that you can make the right comparisons. If possible, you should ask the dealership to give you the car overnight (luckily, many dealers are now open to this) or at least take the car out again at night to get a feel of the headlights and experience driving at night.


2. Get Acquainted

Though you might want to insert the key and start the ignition as soon as you reach the dealership, consider walking around the car first and inspect it properly. Examine the doors to see whether there is enough space to enter the front and the rear seats. Also, check if the car has all the features you need like cup holders, Bluetooth® wireless technology, GPS, ample trunk space, etc. The rear seats must also be comfortable and sufficient so that your family enjoys the new ride as much as you do.


3. Controls

Now it’s time to take the driver’s seat and head out on your first rendezvous with the car. Ergonomics can make or break a perfect car so ensure that the interior is smart, stylish and equipped with the latest technologies. Check if the clutch is too hard or the steering is too heavy. Also, see if you can easily view the various display screens. And last but not least, ensure that the climate control system is effective and pumps out air as per the temperature settings.


4. Cruising Along Tough Roads

See if the car has enough power to go through high traffic as well as smooth roads. Try to replicate your daily commute on the test-drive to best understand the car’s performance. It will also help to try parking in tough spots and see if the brakes have a solid and reassuring feel to their operation. Two other things to check include the visibility from the vehicle’s front windshield and the noise you hear inside the cabin.


5. Reflecting on Your Drive

After you return to the showroom, discuss your concerns with the salesperson and also ask about the maintenance schedules and costs associated with the car. Also ask about the warranty, insurance and other financial aspects to be sure that you can afford to not just buy the car, but also keep it safe and sturdy for years to come. Only after you have driven all the cars on your list, you should begin the buying process.

With due diligence before a big purchase like a car, you will definitely be more confident and happy with your buying decision.


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