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Many office workers know that sitting for long periods of time can be quite painful on the back. And people who are usually up and about for their job are surprised by how quickly their back starts to hurt when they are forced to sit down. Many drivers and passengers who are traveling on a long road trip oftentimes find themselves suffering from back pain. Luckily, we are here to help with three great tips for preventing back pain from occurring in the first place.

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Tip #1: Pack a Pillow

Before leaving the house, grab one of the throw pillows off the couch. In your vehicle, position it so that your back can rest on it. If you forget the pillow, a rolled-up jacket or sweatshirt can work as well.

Tip #2: Stop and Stretch Out Frequently

We know that you are eager to reach your destination, but if you want to avoid that dreaded back pain, you will want to take some time for some pit stops. Pull into a local Target and pick up some snacks or check out a roadside view, attraction, or museum.

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Tip #3: Turn on Your Heated Seats if You Have Them

Your heated seats can do more than just keep you warm in the winter! They can also relieve back pain! When you feel the first few twinges, flip the switch and you will feel better in no time!

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