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For over four decades, the Honda has been the go-to choice for a dependable and economical car. Tell someone you’re buying a Honda, and whether they are an expert or know little about cars, their likely response is, “Oh, good choice.” Here’s an in-depth look at what makes the Honda great.



Honda reliability is absolutely stellar, in the league of the most reliable vehicles you can buy. It ranks with Toyota as standouts for reliability. If you buy a Honda from Rome Pre-Owned 949 Floyd Avenue Rome NY, odds are you can still daily drive it a decade from now.




Honda’s are chock full of great features and cool options. From tech to safety features, here’s a look.


Choose Your Own Adventure


What kind of car do you want? No matter what you’re looking for, the Honda can do it. If you need an economical sedan, Honda’s high gas mileage and large and quiet interior space will reward you for years of commutes or in ride share service. Are you into camping/hiking, or have a hobby that requires lots of supplies? If you’re renovating homes on the side, or just pack a car full of stuff for weekend adventures, Honda for you. Or if you’re into sports cars, but want something more subtle, look into the Si and Type R trims. There’s the perfectly weighted steering with excellent feedback, a wonderful six-speed manual transmission, and a choice of two turbocharged engines, making these Honda’s the ideal part-time sports car.

Size/seating capacity


Unlike most compacts, Honda actually means five adults here, as the middle rear seat offers enough room and comfort for urban trips. Going on a road trip? You’ll probably want a maximum of four adults in the real world, and at most, a grade school aged kid in the middle.



Honda’s earns consistently high reviews, with some going as far as to call it the perfect small car. Just because you’re looking to save some money on gas, Honda proves you don’t need to be punished for it with a bouncy ride, cramped interior, or lack of fun driving dynamics. Here’s what the pros think.


Consumer Reports awarded a 5 out of 5, liking the handling, interior design, and economical engine choices. “Both engines are refined and economical, and the CVT automatic works well. Handling is spry and responsive, and the ride isolates against most road bumps.”


Fuel economy


Great fuel economy is one of the Honda’s calling cards, nearly as much as its reputation for reliability. The current Civic continues that trend, with nearly hybrid numbers for its gas mileage.


Honda MPG

Fueleconomy.gov reports this car will save you $350 a year in fuel costs compared to the average new vehicle. Opting to shift gears yourself, the six-speed manual takes a slight hit to the numbers, scoring 28 MPG city, 38 MPG highway. And of course, the least fuel efficient Civic is the one with the most horsepower, the Type R earning a still-respectable 22 MPG city and 28 MPG highway.




With a 12.4-gallon fuel tank, you’ll have a maximum range of a little over 500 miles between fill-ups. However, Honda recommends premium for the Si and Type R, noting that power and gas mileage will increase with the use of higher octane fuel.


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