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You might think that wagons had their hay day back in the 1970s, and it’s true that the popularity of SUVs has put wagons on the decline. However, wagons like the Subaru Outback still offer many strong points, especially as family cars. The Outback has plenty of space, while maintaining the handling and high fuel economy of a car. Its standard all-wheel drive and anti-slip technology make the Outback a great choice for families in colder climates who travel wintry roads, or those who go off-roading in the summer months.

In short, family shoppers should give wagons a second look. Here’s everything you need to know about the Subaru Outback, and why it just might be the right car for your family.


Seating and Capacities: The Subaru Outback has seating for five. The rear seat has more than 38 inches of legroom, making it comfortable for adults and spacious enough for rear-facing car seats. The Outback also has plenty of space for cargo, with 35.5 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats in use, and an available 73.3 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded flat.


Features: The Subaru Outback is know for certain standard features that contribute to performance and safety. Every Outback comes with all-wheel drive, and with Subaru’s X-mode anti-slip system. X-mode is a push-button system that coordinates the engine, transmission, all-wheel drive system and brakes to give optimal performance in slick conditions. For example, it increases torque while keeping the car in low gear to reduce the risk of sliding on the road.


Engine Options and Fuel Economy: The Subaru Outback is available with two Boxer engines. It comes standard with a 175-horsepower four-cylinder engine that gets 28 mpg.

Safety: The Subaru Outback is an extremely safe vehicle, especially for navigating icy or snowy, wintry roads.


The Takeaway: The Subaru Outback is an excellent family car, especially for people who are concerned about driving on slick roads. The Outback has plenty of space, especially when you consider that it comes standard with roof racks and can tow up to 2,700 pounds. The Outback is extremely safe, with top safety ratings and standard high-tech features meant to get your to your destination. Anyone looking for a safe and efficient family car should consider the Subaru Outback.

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