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Rome Pre-Owned Auto Sales Inc goal is to show people not only that there are good, helpful used car dealers, but to teach them how to go about the used car shopping process knowing what they need to about buying a used car in Rome/ Utica NY area.


Become an Educated Car Shopper Before You Begin


Before you start car shopping, you have to make the most basic decision of all – whether to buy a brand-new car or a used car, and then make sure you know how to be smart when you go shopping.


Buying Used is Smart: New car prices are higher than ever, now averaging a whopping $37,000. That’s enough to scare quite a few people outright into buying a used car. The vast majority of new car purchases are financed, which is another reason why people who understand the effects of depreciation or more likely to opt for buying a used car. Because a new car immediately drops at least 10% of its value when you drive it off the lot, most people are immediate “upside down” or “underwater” on their car loan, meaning they owe more on the loan than the car is worth.


Work with a Reputable Dealership: Some people shy away from buying a used car because they fear being taken advantage of on the price of the car, its condition, or both. But that’s the point of becoming an educated car shopper – learning what you need to know about finding great used cars.


Create a Budget: One of the most important things you can do before beginning to shop for your next is to really take a good look at your financial situation and decide what you can realistically afford.


Avoid Common Mistakes. Whether it’s you first time or your fifth time buying a used car, a lot of people make one or more common mistakes that could easily be avoided. One of the biggest mistakes already mentioned is not knowing what you can really afford. Another is not having any idea what kind of car you want and/or need.

Checking a Car In-Person: We always recommend not just looking at a car in-person, but also test-driving it, which is the only way to know whether it feels right.

One final area that deserves a major chunk of your time when shopping for a used car is how to go about financing your purchase, which is something most people will need to do. It’s also a part of the process many people don’t understand very well.


Many people want to know if it’s better to finance their purchase at the dealership where they’re buying the car or through their particular favorite bank or credit union. It really depends on where you’re going to get the best rates and terms. Everyone just assumes a credit union will be better, but it’s not always true. At the right dealership, they will send your application out to a whole network of potential lenders. When multiple lenders are competing for your business, you end up the winner with the best possible rate and terms.

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