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5 Reasons To Own A Ford Truck In The Rome NY / Utica NY Area.


Since the inception of Ford Motor Company in 1903, the corporation has continually released iconic vehicles with a twist from the ordinary. For example, Ford was the first to introduce soy foam seats, aluminum truck bodies, along with other unique ideas. Its trucks are not only versatile but are also very reliable and great for traversing tricky terrains, hauling and towing heavy loads, or enjoying a drive on well-manicured city roads.


1.Forever On Rescue Duty (Towing the other guys)

2.Found Off Road Dominating (Ford Trucks were built for mudding!!!)

3.Fun On Road Driving (Great for cruising around town)

4.For Off Road Driving (You know… taking your vehicle on the path less traveled)

5.For Responsible Driver Only (Keep calm…I am a professional…haha)


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